An enjoyable bike ride through Oyama

OkiNinjaKitty and Rusty head out for a bike ride through the neighborhoods of Oyama and towards the beach.

Today Rusty and I decided that we wanted to get out of the house before the typhoon which is scheduled to come our way in the next day or so and explore a little so we got on our bikes packed some granola bars and water and headed out on a journey down to the beach. The journey took us through the neighborhoods of Oyama which was a different route than what we had usually taken before and landed us on the Ginowan Bypass where we were able to go to the beach down by the Ginowan Convention Center. Today was not a day for swimming but it was a day to just take a look at the beautiful ocean and it sure was the perfect day for that.

It was a picture perfect day. When we got to the beach the sky and ocean were were beautiful and it was wonderful just to sit down for a few moments to enjoy. Although there was a storm that was less than 36 hours away the weather was absolutely beautiful. Although it was hot and humid there was a nice breeze which made it very nice to be outside.

There was also another group of people who had been at the beach enjoying the weather which Rusty and I thought were extremely humorous. They had clearly been there for at least most of the night. They had been un a tent sleeping in the sun and clearly drunk. As we were sitting on the seawall we hears two pull up on a scooter and say (translation) “it’s good we’ve got water and sake”. They clearly had no plans on going anywhere soon. I am not sure if I could have found myself out in the weather like that for a long amount of time and certainly not under the influence of alcohol but nonetheless they looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Finally our trip came to an end and we headed back the way we came through the small neighborhoods of Oyama and towards home. It was a great trip and on the bikes it was extremely enjoyable. Certainly a nice chance to get to of the house before we had found ourselves stuck in the house for the next couple of days due to typhoon Guchol.

We spent the ret of our day in the house sitting in the air conditioned bedroom watching television and enjoying being cool. Today was a lot of fun but it was also one of the hottest days that we have had yet this summer (or at least it felt like it).

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