Living in Japan – Myth Vs Reality: “Life Is Different In Japan”

I have recently been putting tidbits of information together about life in Japan and talking about the myths and reality of living here. At first I was going to be writing a long post about this topic all in one but then I realized that I would probably get the message across better and more effectively if I were to separate these posts.

Before I go any further I want to make sure that you know I am not trying to be negative here I am just trying to share the information that you are going to need to consider in the event that you want to make the transition to living here in Japan.

Without further delay let’s get right into it!

Life in Japan is different than life in my home country and that is why I want to live there. 

Although culture in Japan is different than your home country life itself is very much the same. Each day you are going to get up, eat, work, sleep and do it all over again. Between all of that you will need to find time to get groceries, necessities and everything else that you would do in everyday life.

In fact, depending on your terms of being here you may find that one of your every day average tasks are more difficult than you might encounter in your home country. For example what if your coming here does not involve you having a car. This means that you will need to get groceries either using public transportation or something similar to a bicycle. At first there may be some novelty in riding your bike to the grocery store, in the rain even. The real question is how will you feel about this once the novelty is gone.

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and this is something which is important to remember when you are considering coming here. There are many great reasons to come over to Japan but it’s not a place to come in order to escape the realities of life.


3 thoughts on “Living in Japan – Myth Vs Reality: “Life Is Different In Japan”

  1. Yes Thanks for your frank comments .I too went to Kenya .But it was so backward and I felt living in India is much more meaningful than living there .But believe me there are many Indians who have lived there for centuries and made Kenya their homeland .
    I also lived in Malaysia which is a good country and very peaceful and people are good well governed .

  2. how is the life in japan .better than US ?

    • Hello Hansmash,

      For me life in Japan is better than the US. There are a boatload of reasons for this including overall quality of life, very low crime rates, and healthcare (both in the sense of affordability and the way that you are cared for/receive treatment). Unfortunately I can’t go into a whole lot of them at the moment because I am preparing to leave tomorrow for a week but I will have to get back with you on this one in the near future.

      Thanks so much for your question.

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