Protection and Awareness of Endangered Species in Okinawa

I have always said that living in Okinawa is like living in a museum because of the value for nature, history and culture. This weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of these places and I thought that you might enjoy seeing some photos.

Northern Okinawa is home to some very interesting people and critters. Those who live in this part of the island are known for living longer than anyone else on the world. The critters, however, are in need of protection as they are endangered. While driving on one of the roads through Ogimi I found a curious little area and so we pulled in to take a look.

There were various stones which showed the pictures as well a featured a bit of information about the animals which are protected in the area. There were also various other signs which offer information regarding how the animals are protected and the areas where they can be found.

Around the area was a fence which seems to be designed to keep out mongoose who are a predator in this area. The fence is lined with images of the animals created by children.

The fence continues along a large area with only a few openings. I will have more information about these openings later. Places like this are simple quite little areas, but they are nice to enjoy when passing by.


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