The road that “sings”!

Where in the world can you find a place where when the rubber hits the road. . . . . the road actually sings? In Okinawa that’s where. On a small stretch of road off route 331 some genius (as far as I am concerned) has found a way to cut grooves in the road to make it so that when you drive over at just the right speed of 40kph you can actually hear a song. I honestly can’t say much more about it because you have to experience it to truly understand how fascinating this is. Below I have a video which is just brief and again it doesn’t do it real justice.



2 thoughts on “The road that “sings”!

  1. Where exactly “off” 331 is this?? Thanks!

  2. Hello Islandkings!
    Thanks for the question. It is “technically” still 331 but off the Futami Bypass (also route 331). Here are the coordinates N 26 33.001 E 128 02.070! I hope you can find it easily and enjoy!

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