Senaga Island




Getting off island doesn’t have to mean booking a plane ticket or arranging a sitter for the dogs. There are a number of interesting islands to visit off the coast of Okinawa that you can drive to and be back before the kids get home from school.

Yesterday per a suggestion from RyukyuMike I headed out to Senaga Island. This island is just south of the Naha Airport and although I have driven past (like many other things on Okinawa) hundreds of times it never crossed my mind to take the turn and check the island out.


Senaga island is not a big one. In fact you might not even see it if you were not looking hard enough. Once you cross the bridge to get to the island you will see that there is a large park where you can sit down, enjoy the day and even have some snacks from a few different shacks and even a Blue Seal!





The park also has baseball diamonds and seems to be the perfect place for some summertime fun in the sun. There are also areas in the shade which make it a good place to rest too.





The highlight of the trip, however, was the planes. If you like to watch planes or if you have kids who love to watch planes this should be on your must see list while here on Okinawa. You can lay on the grass and enjoy the take off’s and landings of the very many planes who transit through the airport daily. Some of them also seem so close it’s amazing. I surely will go back and maybe next time bring a nice packed lunch to enjoy in the sun!



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