Starbucks Japan: Familiar coffee with Japanese flare.

Starbucks is arguably Okinawa’s most popular coffee shop, at least amongst the American community here. Like at other chains you will find a variety of coffee blends as well as specialty drinks which are available throughout different times of the year. One of the flavors comes during spring and brings a Japanese flare to otherwise familiar drink; The Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino.


The Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino (or latte if you’re looking for something hot) is a tasty treat with a light but distinct flavor.  In fact a few years back when it came out for the first time there was some mixed feelings among the American community. Sakura, as you may know, is another word for cherry blossom. The flavor is sometimes used in sweets in Japan and as I mentioned has a bit of a distinct floral flavor. This flavor can be strange for those who are new to Japan and not familiar with the “natural” tastes that are featured in traditional sweets.


If you want to give the sakura flavor a try you have a few options. Much like other seasonal flavors there is a Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino as well as a hot latte. The frappuccino has sakura flavored white chocolate flakes on the top which are absolutely delicious. Of course this is not featured on the latte. There are also a variety of different pastries to enjoy as well. In the past there was a danish which featured a sakura mochi center and this year they had sakura flavored cake (Not pictured. I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking.).

Pricing for these sakura flavored treats are the same as other Starbucks offerings which, as are other specialty coffees, are expensive. It’s worth it though especially if you’re wanting to try something new or just add a dash of springtime to your next trip to the coffee shop.


If you’re tried Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino let us know in the comments below!

What did you think?


One thought on “Starbucks Japan: Familiar coffee with Japanese flare.

  1. I tried it right before they changed flavors again. It was fun, but I still prefer a homemade green tea latte.

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