Double Decker


Double Decker is one of the many places on Okinawa that you might miss if you don’t know where it is. The Cafe and Bar, or what I suppose we might simply refer to as a pub, is located in Mihama’s American Village nestled behind the Sega Amusement building. Just follow the paw prints on the ground and it will lead you to the unique looking entrance.

Double Decker Buss:

The restaurant gets it’s name for the double decker buss which is parked right around the corner and retrofitted as part of the restaurant offering tables and booths. The restaurant itself is warm and welcoming. The walls are covered with memorabilia from various time frames and the ceiling is covered with playing cards. The bar itself I can only describe as “what a bar should look like”.


Another thing I absolutely love about Double Decker is the staff. They are incredibly friendly and laid back. This is not one of those places where you’re going to feel rushed or pressured to finish up and move on with your night. It’s a place for relaxing, laughing and enjoying yourself. On a side note I also like how pressed and well dressed the bar tender is. Every time I have gone back it has been the same bar tender, at least as I remember it, and he is always looking his best which in my opinion adds to the ambiance.

Good Eats: 

Ok, enough about the look and feel, let’s talk about the food! Double Decker has what I would call an extensive menu, at least for Japan. You’re not only going to find bar food here but also a variety of other options for every taste and occasion. You can find options such as salad, rice omelets, rice casserole, rice bowls, pasta, pizza, sweets and a great deal of appetizers on the menu. You can also find chicken wings, which were an addition made in recent years, that are absolutely delicious.



Portion sizes are that which you might experience at other pubs or bars. They are not too big to enjoy with a beer but not to small to split family style with a friend or two. In fact I would go so far as to say that enjoying this meal family style is the way to go, especially with friends.


Pricing for Double Decker isn’t too far off from what you might get at other sit down restaurants. In fact you could say that it is relatively affordable with your average entree coming in between ¥700 and ¥900 yen. As with anywhere else appetizers range in price depending on what it is you are ordering with some topping off around ¥1000. Overall this is one of those places where a party of 2 can order drinks, dinner and appetizers and walk out for under ¥5000.



Healthy Options: 

You don’t have to cringe if you’re watching what you eat either. Double Decker has about 4 or 5 salads, among other healthy options, which are not only on the healthy side but are absolutely delicious! Read more about that here.

Don’t be mistaken, This is a bar: 

Double Decker is a great place to enjoy dinner and drinks with a loved one but it is not a place for kids. Don’t be mistaken by the extensive menu or double decker buss, this is a bar. And no I don’t mean like Pub 99 or Chilli’s where there is a bar in the restaurant. This is a bar that serves food. There will be smoking and there will be drinking. Does this mean that you will be turned away if you go with children? No. But this is because here in Japan there is a different mentality with izakayas and pubs then there is in the US.

Give it a try: 

Next time you’re looking for something interesting to do on a Friday night why not give Double Decker a try?



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