Springtime Flowers in Okinawa

Recently cherry blossoms and orchids have been the topic of conversation but Okinawa has a lot of beautiful flowers blooming during the spring time. Unfortunately springtime flowers here in Okinawa don’t get their own festivals, aside from the cherry blossoms and orchids that is, so I thought that I would take a moment and share with you some of the flowers that I found today while enjoying some time in the sunshine.


This is by far the best flower that I saw today and one of my favorite flours that I have ever seen around in Okinawa. (Sorry red powder puff you’re now number 2.) This pink flower almost looks like a lily and shares it’s characteristics as well. The color is bright pink, so pink in fact that the image I am posting doesn’t do it any justice. What really caught my eye, however, was the pattern on the inside of the flower. It almost looks like leopard spots.


This little yellow flower doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. They are very small and no you’re not going to get a vase full of them on Valentine’s Day. In fact you might classify them more as weeds then flowers but for me they are a cheery reminder of spring. My favorite time to see these flowers is when they are growing along a coral wall.


Here’s another one that I very much enjoy. These little white flowers grow in bunches. They are white and simple but very beautiful.


These are common flowers here on Okinawa. We saw these today while walking around a stone path. The small bunches of purple flowers added a splash of color to the dull path.

Now I know what you are thinking and no these flowers might not seem like much. However, they are one of the many things that puts a smile on my face and many people just walk by them every day without a thought. Next time you’re out take a moment to look all around even at the little things. You might be surprised by what you see.




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