REVIEW: Capriccioso

Tonight we found ourselves in Rakuichi, a strip mall not far from the museum in Naha. Once some errands were complete it was time for dinner so we thought it might be fun to try out a restaurant we had never had before. So into Capriccoso we went. As you might have guessed from the name Capriccioso is a “family style” italian restaurant serving everything from pizza to pasta and even cannolis for dessert.


The look and feel of Capriccioso is very inviting. There is an open bay where you can see the chefs cook up your meal and even various items which seemed to be displayed on a chalk board throughout the restaurant. And the smell! The first thing my husband said to me as we walked in is “it smells like home”. I can’t put my finger on exactly where but man did it smell good!


Once we were seated (which took a total of 10 seconds) we eagerly opened up the menu. Now, before I comment on the menu I have to say I have never been to Italy nor am I Italian which means if you know, I mean really know, true Italian food I may sound like I have no idea what I am talking about. Fair enough, I’m Polish. One thing that we can all agree upon is that this is not your spaghetti and meat sauce type of restaurant and you’re not going to find pepperoni on any of these pizzas. My Ragu eating, travel show watching self makes me say that this is more along the lines of real Italian cuisine.

Although there is a good amount of variety the menu can be broken up into two main parts: pasta and pizza. There are a great deal of pasta options available, however, it’s very important to consider what I mentioned above. This is not spaghetti and meat sauce. Almost all of the pasta options include seafood or chunky vegetables. (When I say “chunky vegetables” what I mean is large slices of vegetables such as circular sections of eggplant or halved tomatoes.)  There are some exceptions one of which being the lasagna which in this case I will throw into the pasta category. More about the lasagna later.

If the pasta isn’t doing it for you then check out the pizza menu. Compared to the pasta the pizza options are limited but you do have the option of having a half & half pizza made up which is good for those who can’t make up their mind. Much like the pasta menu most of the pizza options have seafood or chunky vegetables.

The remaining options include salad, most of which include seafood or meat (sorry vegetarians), soup and “Today’s meat/seafood special”. It’s not a lot to choose from but if you simply can’t avoid coming here and can’t eat pasta or pizza there are some options.


The Food 

It would not be fair to say that the food wasn’t good because most of it was. We had fettuccine, lasagna and a pizza. We also had a side of garlic bread and cannoli for dessert. My least favorite item that we ordered was the lasagna. This was not really lasagna but large flat noodles with tomato sauce topped with pizza cheese. To me the sauce was too thin and oily making it almost lifeless especially with the lack of meat. This is not to say that it wasn’t good, it just wasn’t what I have come to know as lasagna.

The Price 

The long and short of it is that this restaurant is very overpriced. At least that’s how I felt when I saw the portion sizes. These are not “family style” portions. In fact we did a lot of contemplating on the way home to determine how exactly I should write about the portion sizes. Were they too small? Was the price too high? The conclusion we came to is that for the main dishes the price is simply too high because the portions were enough even to split among two. However, for the cannoli the portion sizes were just outrageously small. I figured they would not be full size like I am familiar with but these were bite size which for the price was just insulting. Although they were delicious they are the biggest negative about this restaurant.

The Service

I have to say I am pleased with the service. The staff were friendly, bilingual and the food arrived relatively quick.

All in all Capriccoso was enjoyable but expensive. They are accommodating to families but I would think long and hard about whether or not your child would be happy eating the type of food that they offer. (I am not sure if they have children’s options. If they did, they weren’t on the menu.) Also if you have a picky eater in your family this might not be the place to go. For the rest of you I say give it a try if you’re in the area and looking for some tasty Italian.


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