Drip Coffee: All the flavor without the bulky machine!



As I sip my morning coffee thinking about how exactly I want to start off this post I glance to the right and look into my kitchen. Much like other Japanese style kitchens it has a basic range, sink and about 1ft by 1.5ft of counter space. As you might imagine that barely leaves enough space to prepare a meal let alone have a coffee machine and, let’s say, a blender. The answer to this challenge (if you can even call it that) is efficiency. What if rather than having a specific machine for every task you wanted to complete you could use one machine to complete multiple tasks? Enter the electric water boiler!

An electric water boiler is a staple in Japanese households because of it’s many functions. It can be used to make soups, teas, noodles and of course coffee. So how does one make coffee with an electric water boiler? I am so glad you asked! Today we’re going to go through the entire process so that you too can get your caffeine fix whether you’re here on vacation or trying to acclimate to Japanese living.

What is drip coffee: 

Drip coffee is all the love of percolated coffee without the machine. It comes in a few different forms but for the sake of today’s post we’re going to talk about my favorite type, the individually packed variety. The individually packed type of drip coffee alone comes in a variety of flavors from your favorite Japanese coffee companies. The reason that I prefer this type is because each packet includes everything you need (aside from the cup and water of course) in perfect portions. No measuring and no clean up required! This makes it perfect not only for tiny kitchens like mine but also for travelers who want to enjoy coffee but not at Starbucks prices.


Although drip coffee is quick to make don’t mistake it for instant coffee. This is not those mystery crystals which when added to hot water turn into a coffee-like substance. This is actual coffee grounds.




How to make drip coffee: 




Open up the package and remove the inner packet.


Step 2:

Carefully remove the top. Make sure that all the coffee grounds are moved towards the bottom of the bag.



Step 3:

Open the supports as according to the directions on your brand of drip coffee and place them onto your coffee mug. Some companies have different designs for this step but pictured is what I have found is the most common.


Step 4:

Slowly pour boiling water into the opening and smell that delicious coffee goodness.


Step 5:

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

The bottom line: 

Start to finish we’re talking about 2 minutes to make the coffee, 1 minute to clean the mug when you’re finished and . . . . that’s it! For me the biggest sell is the clean up. I hate cleaning coffee makers and coffee pots. With this  you’re only cleaning out the mug which is pretty much effortless. The next biggest sell for me is the portability. When I traveled to Tokyo last summer I packed some drip coffees and it was a lifesaver. Not only that but because it’s literally pennies to the dollar of the coffee we would have bought leaving more money for fun swag.

The only downside to this type of coffee is that it doesn’t make itself so you’re going to have to put in the small amount of effort to get it from grounds to glorious.


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