Foremost Blue Seal Co. – More than just an ice cream parlor.

Big Dip is one of those special little gems that you don’t find too often here in Okinawa. I mean you probably already know that Big Dip has Okinawa’s best ice cream and a pretty good menu . . . but what most people tend to look over is that Big Dip (particularly Big Dip Makiminato) is in fact a historical location!

It all started in 1948. American forces were now stationed around Okinawa at many bases to include onewhich stood where Camp Kinser stands today, Camp Makiminato. Much like today the American diet called for dairy products, a need that Okinawa could not meet at the time. Foremost Co then entered the scene beginning construction on an establishment to house dairy products for the American military forces. Originally Foremost was restricted to only those who had base access. There was such a buzz that in the late 70’s (and what I can assume was a small amount of land reclamation) Foremost Blue Seal Co, the company we all know and love today, was born. Military, locals and tourists alike have been enjoying the high quality ice cream every since!


Even at 10:30PM on Friday night Big Dip Makiminato is filled to the brim with families young and old enjoying a tasty treat.

Hint: Next time you enjoy a scoop of your favorite ice cream at a Big Dip location look closely to see if you can find a photo of the original Makiminato location. 


Today Big Dip doesn’t disappoint still serving customers the same blue seal quality* ice cream and a variety of other foods which are sure to send any American back to their favorite drive-in burger joint in 3 to 5 bites. Big Dip also goes above and beyond creating delicious offerings that are American style with an Okinawan twist. One of those items is the “Okinawa Tacos Dog” a play on Taco Rice, an Okinawan Favorite, and the classic American hotdog. This dog features the fixings of a taco on top of a hotdog in a soft delicious bun. Sure it’s a little messy but it is delicious nonetheless. Finish off the meal with some ice cream created from the many delicious Okinawa inspired flavors such as Mango, Sea Salt or Purple Sweet Potato.


If classic American is more your style you’re not going to want to miss one of the burgers Big Dip has to offer. Prepared just like my favorite drive-in back home these are actually grilled to perfection and topped with fresh vegetables between an again soft and delicious bun. If this doesn’t take you back “home” I don’t know what will.


For those, like me, who take their desert seriously a simple scoop of ice cream might just not hit the spot! No need to worry because Big Dip has an assortment of pies, doughnuts and other classic ice cream sundaes to boot. Try a banana split, smoothie or pie topped with rich creamy vanilla ice cream.


Pressed for time? You can still enjoy all the goodness that Big Dip has to offer. Not only are items on the menu available for take out but there is a large selection of ice creams in single scoop and cartons for purchase. There are also special ice cream pies during the winter holiday season (pre-order only).

At the end of the day sure Big Dip has great ice cream and food but they also offer a little piece of “home” which can be especially helpful for curing homesickness. And even if you’re not feeling homesick, who can pass up on a piece of pie that looks that good? Whether you’re here for a weekend or going to work here for a few years make sure Big Dip is on your list of things to do! 

*In America outstanding dairy products were often awarded a blue ribbon or seal. The use of this ribbon or seal in the company’s name and on signage today is an indicator to customers that they can only expect the best.


One thought on “Foremost Blue Seal Co. – More than just an ice cream parlor.

  1. I had one of these burgers my last day visiting Okinawa a couple of years ago and then had a burger the next day or so in the Seattle airport on my return home. After having that Blue Seal burger with the soft yummy bun, I realized how nasty the meat was on the Seattle burger! I definitely recommend the Blue Seal burgers.

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