Summertime Freebies – Japan’s way of making summer bearable.

Summer in Japan . . . . . well . . . . kinda sucks. (Especially if you’re in Okinawa!) The beaches are crowded, the streets are packed with traffic from tourists and oh yeah there is enough humidity to make you wonder how the people who live here long term haven’t developed gills. Doesn’t sound very pleasant huh? Well it’s not (I haven’t lied before and I am not going to start now!), but there are some fun things that do happen during the summer that can help keep our mind off the fact that we are living on the surface of the sun.

Back in Bean Town we used to call them “Freebies” but here in Japan they are usually referred to as a “Campaign”. Simply put a campaign is an opportunity for companies to push their product and consumers to get stuff. Sometimes it will be an item which is attached to your bottle of tea at a convenience store and other times it’s a display that looks a little something like this:


As you can see this particular display is featuring Coke-a-Cola* as well as DVD’s. Other displays for various products this summer alone have featured child size backpacks, fans, cookers, oversized beer mugs, drinking glasses, hats, sandals and much much more.

Now, I’m sure you want to get in on this “Campaign” action so let’s talk about how it works. This type of display usually means that you are required to purchase a certain number of items before you are eligible to receive the free item. In this case it’s 4 bottles of Coke product  to receive 1 DVD. Take a look at the photo above one more time. See that happy family? If you look just below them you will see that the sign says 4本で1つ this means that when you purchase 4 you can get 1. This might vary depending on the particular campaign but it’s usually about 4 to 6. Now look again and you will see that list of Coke products that you can choose from (Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Aquarius and Green Tea). You can’t see it in this image but the other Coke products are off the the right.  Now all you have to do is decide what it is you want, put it in your cart, and pick the DVD of your choice. It’s really that simple.

This goes on throughout the year but the summer is the prime time for some awesome stuff!


*No paid endorsement.



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