Daiso – Everything you need. . . no seriously!

Daiso is a store here in Japan which is often described as the dollar store or the hundred yen store. The reason is simple, most items are sold for a mere ¥105. Occasionally you may find items which are slightly more expensive but in general ¥105 will get you anything in the store.


So what can you get at Daiso? A more appropriate question might be what can’t you get at Daiso. Everything from kitchen supplies, stationary, clothing, shoes, food, gardening equipment, outdoor equipment, toys, tools, and much much more!


Today for example I picked up 2 compact folding water bottles, a drawing pad, heavy stock drawing paper, zip ties, sponges, cleaners for my air conditioner, erasers, watercolors and fine tip markers all for ¥105 each. All right so today’s “haul” might not look like much but in the past I have purchased plates, cups, bowls, utensils and even all of my storage containers at Daiso. Still not convinced? Reusable grocery bags, curtains, sponges, bathroom equipment, UV sleeves, nail polish, hair accessories and sandals all in use throughout my house right now were also picked up at Daiso!

Where is Daiso and how can you get in on the ¥105 action? There are Daiso locations all over Okinawa. The one pictured above is an independent location in Ginowan however you can also find Daiso at some San A locations (like Ginowan Convention City). There are also other shops scattered throughout the island so keep an eye out.

Before running in and taking advantage of the amazing pricing please keep in mind that this is a yen only establishment. The only exception is EDY or if Daiso is located in a shopping center like San A so be sure to bring yen cash. That’s really all there is to know. So load up your pockets with all that yen you found in the back seat of your car and head over to Daiso!


4 thoughts on “Daiso – Everything you need. . . no seriously!

  1. Some of my favorite plates are from Daiso ❤

  2. I still have beautiful pottery dishes I got from 100 yen stores back in 1999!!

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  4. I Want to replace my 100 yen Fishbone tweezers.

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