HottoMotto – Good Food Fast


When you think of fast food you probably think about McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. You can find all of these places here in Japan but sometimes a greasy burger doesn’t hit the spot. This is why HottoMotto is one of my favorite places. Not only can you get yourself a good meal but you can get it quick and cheap.


HottoMotto is a chain restaurant that is located in about 5 of Japan’s prefectures including Okinawa.  And here in Okinawa they are all IMG_1956over the place making them the perfect place to stop and grab a quick bite while out and about exploring the island. HottoMotto serves up one main thing boxed lunches or bento.

Although the locations themselves are small the menu is huge with a ton of options which are sure to please everyone in your family. There are more traditional Japanese style offerings and even something for the picky eater. Kids also have two options both served in cute character boxes and including a toy. Aside from meals there are also a variety of sides available like chicken and fries.

There are a lot of things to love about HottoMotto but the two which keep me going back is the availability and the food. It’s hard not to keep HottoMotto as an option when they are around every corner. On top of that it’s hard to pass up on the IMG_1959assortment of foods that HottoMotto offers. Don’t get me wrong, there are healthier options out there then what you can find at HottoMotto but if you’ve got the choice between some salmon on rice and a whopper then I’m going with the salmon on rice. This is especially important when I am doing things like hiking.

The price doesn’t hurt either. Many of the items on the menu can be purchased for under ¥500 IMG_1968and that’s including a drink. Naturally there are a number of more “up scale” items which can be anywhere from ¥510 to ¥800.

Now that you know what it is that you can get from this awesome little storefront let’s talk about how you can get your hands on some of this goodness. The most popular way to enjoy HottoMotto is to go to the store and order on the spot. This allows you to choose from anything on the menu and have it prepared while you wait. This usually takes from about 3 to 5 minutes but can take longer depending on the size of your order. The second way is to choose from the pre-made items they have available. This may or may not be available at all locations. This selection of items is perfect to grab and go without the wait. Third is to place your order by phone. This is perfect for large groups or if you want something specific without the wait. Ordering over the phone also give you the ability to order party platters. (Note: Platters may need to be ordered in advance.)


Before running out to HottoMotto to get some lunch or dinner there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost not all locations have English menus available which means that you may just have to “wing it” if you can’t read Japanese. HottoMotto also takes yen cash and SOMETIMES dollars depending on the location. It’s important to ask before ordering what forms of currency are accepted. Finally, and most important, HottoMotto is a carry out location. There are no seats or tables inside the restaurant to enjoy your food while in the shop.

Whether you are on your way back home from a long day of exploring or just don’t want to cook some dinner tonight HottoMotto is a great place to stop by and grab some food for the family!




3 thoughts on “HottoMotto – Good Food Fast

  1. I LOVE that there are pictures on the menu!! I can’t wait to visit Okinawa and try HottoMotto. I’ll need cheap food after buying plane tickets!! San Antonio-Naga

  2. I love HottoMotto! They have a little udon soup cup which was one of my favorites.

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