Discount Grocery Store – AEON Big Express

Grocery stores of all shapes and sizes can be found throughout Okinawa, but none offer the selection and competitive price of AEON Big Express! Located in Okinawa’s south central city of Ginowan, AEON Big Express is an American sized grocery stores with a large selection and discounted pricing to match.


The best way to describe AEON Big Express is a discount grocery store. Although they have a variety of items that you can find at other IMG_1945stores throughout the island the prices tend to be a bit cheaper here which is a great way to save some money, something increasingly hard to do when purchasing food. Inside AEON Big Express has the feel and shopping experience of an American Big Box store, just without the massive quantities. There are a lot of cardboard boxes of product throughout the store, not everything is organized and there are a lot of people looking for the best possible deal. This can sometimes become very hectic in the busiest parts of the day, especially as more unattended boxes make their way into the center of aisles, but it is manageable if you’re there are the right time.

The layout of AEON Big Express is very much like any other grocery store here in Okinawa. First you will be in the produce section. This section is filled with a variety of produce from all over Japan and some other places as well.

Like other discount stores produce at AEON Big Express is hit or miss. There are times when the produce is fresh, affordable and there is a large variety whereas other time there won’t be much or the produce might look like it has seen better days. Either way I have found that it is a great place to shop especially in the Okinawan summer when local produce is hard to find.

Continuing towards the rear of the store you will find yourself in the fish section. There are a variety of fish products available either fresh or frozen. Pricing is competitive as well. Meats also are available and at decent prices depending on the time of the year and the IMG_1947types of meats that you are wanting to purchase. Like everywhere else in Japan beef is still expensive here as it would be anywhere else.

The entire center of the store is dedicated to everything else you might want out of a grocery store. From dog food to frozen pizza you can find it here. In fact if you’re looking for a killer deal on packaged items then this is the place to check out. You can easily save 10 to 50 yen per item.

AEON Big Express also has a large selection of pre-made foods as well which you can chose from if you’re just passing through and looking for some lunch. Enjoy everything from bento to tempura all fresh and ready for you!

If you want to head out to AEON Big Express there are a few things you should know. First and foremost AEON Big Express is located on the Ginowan Bypass not far from the Ginowan Convention Center. Secondly the store takes yen cash and some credit cards. Some e-money is also excepted here as well. Now for logistics. AEON Big Express is in a shopping center which shares a large parking lot with a handful of other businesses. This can make it hard to find parking especially after 10AM when the other businesses open and most certainly on the weekends. If you want to take advantage of the great discounts it’s best to shop during the week before 10AM if possible.

Have you even shopped at AEON Big Express? Let us know in the comments below!


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