Nature Earth Ocean Space: NEOS

For those of you out there who are serious about outdoor sports, and I do mean serious, NEOS should be on your list of places to check out.  NEOS, Nature Earth Ocean Space, is a store located not far from Ginowan Convention Center.


NEOS reminds me very much of my favorite outdoors shop back in the US,  L.L.Bean. This two story shop has shoes to kayaks IMG_2328and everything in between.

On the first floor you will find a variety of high quality hiking and outdoors type garments to include shoes, rain gear, hiking shirts, pants and headgear. There are also a variety of backpacks, tents and such.

The second floor has a large variety of equipment for mountain biking and water sports. This also includes children’s basic swim equipment and life vests.

NEOS is a great place for the serious outdoorsman, however, it is not the place for a person looking for low cost of discounted stuff. (If you’re reading this and looking for more basic or discounted goods check out Sports Depot.) 

Overall I love this place and would certainly call it my go-to place for everything I need to spend some quality time in Okinawa’s crystal clear ocean or mountains.


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