Baum Factory Fukugiya


“This Baum-Kuchen has been meticulously baked using Okinawan ingredients.”

I was first introduced to Baum-Kuchen by a lifelong friend from Kanazawa. She had sent me and my family, who were visiting at the time, a box of the most delicious cake I had ever eaten. Unfortunately this particular cake came from a shop located in Tokyo making it very difficult to find here on Okinawa. Thankfully one day as I was paroozing the streets of Kokusai I found a little shop called Fukugiya.

It’s not easy to miss Fukugiya mainly because of the smell of fresh baked cake billowing from the storefront. A large glass window shows the cake being prepared in it’s unique oven. If you’re lucky you can even see the batter meticulously being applied to the spinning cake which creates is distinct shape and texture.

Much like other specialty shops of it’s kind Fukugiya has a limited selection of goods. There are two (although on occasion you might find three) flavors of cake and a few other goods for purchase depending on the season. Cake can be purchased in three sizes “S”, “M”, and “L”. Prices are reasonable and each cake comes wrapped and sealed in a decorative package making it a great item to bring to your family or friends as a gift.

If you’re in the area of Kokusai Street and looking for something delicious to please the entire family try some of the delicious Baum-Kuchen available at Fukugiya. You are sure to be coming back for more!


3 thoughts on “Baum Factory Fukugiya

  1. ‘Nenrinya’ perhaps? I was reading a blog about a lady that was eating a baum-kuchen nearly every day and blogging about it…. it was incredible at the sheer number of entries she had!
    p.s. your baum kuchen looks yummy!

  2. Yep! Nenrinya is the kind that I had and MAN is it the KING of baum kuchen as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately I can’t get it here in Okinawa but I go out of my way to ensure I pick up a few boxes every time I am in Tokyo. That’s not to say that Fukugiya isn’t good, it is. . . . it’s just not the same **mouth watering**

    WOW eating baum-kuchen almost every day. . . . that does sound incredible!

  3. I tried baumkuchen for the first time last month when I was in Otaru (Hokkaido). I honestly wasn’t expecting much because it didn’t look all that special but it was truly some of the best cake I’ve ever had!

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