“Ha Ha Ha” Cupcakes: It’s a sweet time with cupcakes!

Anyone with even the smallest sweet tooth couldn’t possibly miss the giant cupcake which popped up in Ginowan near the entrance of the bypass. Anxiously I awaited the opening of what seemed to be a cupcake shop. Finally after much anticipation and waiting I saw the “Grand Opening” flowers and knew that it was time. . . .  I then made my way to Ha Ha Ha Cupcakes.


Before you even pull into the parking lot Ha Ha Ha Cupcakes is clearly the most adorable shop in the area. The very cute cupcake entrance is one thing but the sign featuring a very happy monkey holding a delicious looking cupcake is another. There is no IMG_2948shortage of kawaii on the inside of the shop either.

The inside of the shop is sure to bring a smile to your face with it’s bubblegum pink walls and the pastel shirts work by the staff. On one wall you can find an assortment of cupcake trees featuring your favorite characters, on the other a variety of balloons. (I am not entirely sure whether or not these balloons are for sale or not.) A seating area is also available with two very small tables and only about 3 or 4 stools. That being said this is not one of those places I would visit with the anticipation of sitting in.

Finally it’s time for that moment we’ve all been waiting for. . . . the cupcakes. There were 5 or 6 flavors of cupcakes available which included Ha Ha Ha, Blueberry, Rocky Road and Red Velvet. Although there were a variety of flavors there were only a few of each flavor available. We decided to choose Ha Ha Ha and and Rocky Road. Both of these cupcakes were ¥250 each but others were as high as ¥300.

The cupcakes looked quite delectable with mile high frosting and either sprinkles or sauce topped with a mini Oreo cookie. Unfortunately the cupcakes did not taste as good as they looked. Overall the entire cupcake lacked flavor with the icing tasting of shortening and the cake itself not tasting sweet or like vanilla/chocolate.

IMG_2950Ha Ha Ha Cupcakes also serves up smoothies including a variety of flavors such as Banana and Mixed Berry but we did not try one because the cost was too high for our liking (¥600 each).

I absolutely love the look and feel of Ha Ha Ha Cupcakes, but unfortunately I think that the focus on aesthetics has taken a tole on the quality of the product. In the future I truly hope that the quality of the cupcakes and timeliness of the service improves which will undoubtable make this a “must see”. Right now though it’s just not the case.


5 thoughts on ““Ha Ha Ha” Cupcakes: It’s a sweet time with cupcakes!

  1. Been waiting for this to open too. Noticed it about three weeks ago. The prices seem reasonable, but it’s too bad the flavor isn’t there to support the hype. I actually enjoy the less sweet donuts at Mister Donut (and miss the branch that was on 58, now a Blue Seal ice cream shop), so I’m curious to see the Okinawan spin on cupcakes. We’ll have to hit the place up this weekend! Thanks for the review.

    • I felt like the prices were steep (at least for the size of the cupcake) but then again I have not purchased a cupcake for almost a decade since I came to the island so what do I know. The smoothies though seemed outrageous compared to other shops in the area averaging about ¥450.

      I like “less sweet” doughnuts and pastries as well but I think the thing that threw me on these cupcakes is that there was no actual flavor. Had you not seen the cupcake itself I don’t think you’d be able to tell whether the frosting was “rocky road” or “strawberry”. The same goes for the cake part.

      Like I said I hope that they tweak things in the future to make the cupcakes more . . . . like a cupcake because everything else has the makings of a great shop. Anyway, you’ll have to let us know what you guys think. We are curious to hear what others have to say. 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. we too were very disappointed in the taste of these cupcakes. The prices were a bit high for how small they were, I would pay the same price in CA for a bit larger cupcake with much more decoration and of course better taste. Although my girls love the store and always point it out every time we pass by it.

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  4. I agree! They’re expensive! The icing was way too sweet and the cake itself didn’t have much flavor. Not a good balance. Better just to buy the plain mini-cupcakes at San-A and frost them yourself.

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