C1 Gourmet Battle: Get your food on!

Everyone eats which is why I love events like the C1 Gourmet Battle. Regardless your world views, cultural backgrounds or political affiliations everyone can appreciate a good meal.


The history of the C1 Gourmet Battle is not a long one. . . . . at least not yet. This year (2013) is the event’s 4th year offering restaurants from all around the Chatan area to battle for the title as “best in Chatan”. Restaurants bring their best dish and serve it up to guests who vote for what they like best. The winner is announced at the end of the two day event.

The event is still in it’s infancy and so there are a lot of kinks to work out before it becomes the well oiled machine that other local events become, however they are doing a great job serving up entertainment and competition.

Here’s how it works:

IMG_4092Guests participate in the event by purchasing tickets (¥1000 for 3 tickets). These tickets can be used to “purchase” dishes from each booth. Some booths have dishes that require only one ticket, others require two. With the purchase of tickets you also receive a special pair of “voting chopsticks” which are then used to. . . . you guessed it: vote. You can then try the dishes you’re most interested in, vote and enjoy the food.

When I first was made aware of the cost I was a little apprehensive. I became even more IMG_4107apprehensive when I got to the event and discovered that some booths required two tickets. Walking around the event I was paying close attention to the size of the portions to see just what we were looking at. What I discovered is that the portions were close to what is often described here as “Lady” size or “Half” size. It was not too large of a portion that you couldn’t enjoy the other offerings from booths at the event and not too small that you didn’t get your money’s worth.

Once we did a walk around of the entire area we decided on what we were going to try and cashed in our tickets. Both offerings we chose were from places we had not tried before. It was actually a great way to try out IMG_4108some new restaurants without having to commit to an entire meal.

We tried Jetta Burger’s soft shell crab tacos and another dish from a place called Hang Loose. Both were absolutely delicious but the soft shell crab was absolutely amazing (and got our vote).

The event (at least this year) started from 11AM and continued until 530PM.

If you’re thinking of attending this event here are some things you should know and/or take into consideration. First and foremost the cost of the drinks being sold at booths in the event are outrageously expensive. The same drinks that you could purchase at a vending machine down the street for ¥100 were being sold for ¥200 here. On top of that the vending machines in the immediate area were covered to promote sales inside the event. I recommend bringing a water bottle or drink of your own before going into the event to avoid paying the high prices. Also consider arriving early for the best parking spaces. Mihama is a crowded place to be during the weekend. This is even more true during events like the C1 Gourmet Battle. Getting there slightly early is a great way to get parking without having to struggle for a spot a mile away.

The C1 Gourmet Battle is a lot of fun and a great way to find new restaurants to visit. If you have the chance to attend check it out!



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