American Village and Depot Island


American Village and Deport Island is an entertainment, shopping and restaurant hub conveniently located in the central part of Okinawa. A favorite of tourists and US service members alike there is something for everyone within the area also affectionately known as Mihama. 

There are two main sections as I mentioned above the first is American Village. This area is the home to a large department store known as AEON (formerly JUSCO). Inside this shopping center are home goods, clothes, shoes, and even a grocery store. Just a short walk from AEON is a movie theater called Mihama 7Plex which not only plays Japanese films but also American films in English (with Japanese subtitles).

Just across from the Mihama 7Plex is a boardwalk-like area. The area has a familiar boardwalk IMG_4063area with restaurants lining either side of a waterway. Creative architecture and art brings this area to life especially at night. Lights, music and street performers draw crowds and are a favorite among passersby.

Not far from where all the performances take place is Carnival Park an area filled with shopping, games, restaurants and of course the entrance to the ferris wheel. From the ferris wheel you can get a fantastic view of the entire area. This is also the home of Party Land  a build-your-own frozen yogurt place.

Once you’ve seen all that there is to see in American Village head over to Depot Island. This area broke onto the scene in 2010 bringing an amazing themed shipping center and night life district. The amount of restaurants, shops and night clubs available in the area is . . . . IMG_4073well let’s just say I have no idea exactly how many area in the area. All I know is that every corner you turn is something that you probably didn’t see the first time around. Many favorites from other parts of the island have opened up in the area as well as some new up and coming shops.

The best time to enjoy the colorful walls and stroll through the halls of Deport Island is the morning before shops have opened. At this time of day there aren’t a lot of people and that means that there are many more opportunities to leisurely stroll through and see what shops you might want to revisit in the future. An early morning visit also means many more photo opportunities.

Another great characteristic of the American Village and Depot Island area is the hotels in the immediate area. These hotels both are only seconds away from beaches, city life and of course all the amazing offerings of the two areas I mentioned. With all that excitement it’s a great place to stay, wine, dine and enjoy a stroll.

We want to know what your favorite part of American Village and/or Depot Island is. Let us know in the comments below.




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