Ramen Linya: Kyoto Style Ramen

IMG_4398Only a hop skip and a jump away from Camp Foster in Central Okinawa is a ramen shop which is not to be missed. Ramen Linya is not a large restaurant but don’t let that fool you because they serve up some huge flavor. Their specialty? Kyoto Style Ramen which is known for having a big, distinct, amazingly delicious flavor. There are also other flavors of ramen available to include your common favorites. Toppings include meat, veggies and spices which can be added or taken out to build a bowl of ramen that makes your taste buds tingle. You’re not limited to a lonely bowl of ramen either (oh no). Check out the set menu to see all the delicious sets that they offer to include sides of fish, chicken, fried rice and gyoza.

If you’re not really into ramen but being dragged into the restaurant because, for example, your husband can’t get enough of it there are some options for you as well. As an alternative to ramen IMG_4396Ramen Linya offers curry dishes with a variety of toppings to include sausage, fish, chicken and more. The curry is spicy but very delicious. If you’re still not satisfied there are a variety of side dishes which could be ordered to fill your belly to include gyoza, fish, fries and much much more. Then there is the fried chicken. I have chosen to include this on it’s own separate from every other side dish because in my opinion it is clearly superior. It is perfectly crisp, not too greasy and has flavor . . . . . to die for. There are also spices that can be added to the chicken including a salty spice and a curry spice. (Note: If you’re not sure what to sprinkle on your chicken go with the curry powder. AMAZING!)

With food out of the way it’s time to talk about atmosphere. The restaurant is not a large one with only about 4 or 5 tables (Note: These tables are Japanese style tables which require you to sit on the “floor”. You will have to take your shoes off which is something you will want to prepare for if you visit) and a bar where individuals and small groups can sit and enjoy a meal. The seating is hit or miss in my opinion. I am not a huge fan of the seating at this restaurant mainly because I am often sitting just with my husband so we end up at the bar. With larger groups, however, the tables become available which is more enjoyable because conversation becomes more organic. In other words this at the bottom of my list for a date night location. Seating may also not be ideal for everyone.


The staff at Ramen Linya is also great. They are friendly, helpful and eager to please. Ordering was a synch both because of the clearly labeled English menu as well as the comprehension level of the staff who came to take our order. Our order also came quickly and without any errors (something I am noticing is not as common anymore unfortunately).

IMG_4392Although the food was delicious the one disappointment that I experienced with this meal was the Lady’s Set. This set which offers a half size ramen, half size side and a small sweet for desert has been my go to dish for years since Ramen Linya opened. It has always been a half order of their Kyoto Style Ramen which I have always very much enjoyed although this time it was a different, lighter and relatively tasteless ramen. At first I was disappointed that the ramen had changed but after trying some of my husband’s standard ramen it was clear that only the Lady’s Set has changed. Maybe next time I need to be clear about the type of ramen is served with my Lady’s Set?

Pricing is not bad, the selection is great and the food is pretty good to making Ramen Linya a great place to grab lunch or dinner, especially if you’re a fan of ramen, chicken or curry. Also as a final note they do in fact have TAKE OUT, they also have the ability to take CREDIT CARDS and DOLLARS. They also have a point card!!!! What are you waiting for!? Get out there and get some ramen before the summer comes back around and it gets too hot!




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