Double Decker Part 2: Now there’s a lunch menu!

My love for Double Decker should come as no surprise to anyone. I love the atmosphere, selection and most of all the absolutely delicious food. Of course I don’t tend to frequent Double Decker during the lunch time hours because I am usually not in the area or most importantly I am out exploring something else which takes me to the far off places nowhere near Double Decker. However, today on the last day of a family visit we made out way to Double Decker after being completely turned off by the overcrowded situation at Kami Sushi up the way. Partly disappointed and partly relieved (because the seating situation was clear that we would be elbow to elbow in this tiny restaurant due to the overcrowded new seating arrangements) we headed downstairs to see if there was anywhere else to eat. We didn’t think that Double Decker would be open because we didn’t know they served lunch but when we saw the light on we rushed over.

Double Decker: Exterior - Okinawa, Japan

To our surprise and delight Double Decker was open and even better, they were empty. “PERFECT!” So in we went, sat down at our usual table and ordered up some of the delicious offerings that they had on the lunch menu. The lunch menu is not the same as the dinner menu as it only has a few dishes, however, they have a great variety of simple dishes to enjoy. They also have some of their best dishes on the menu that have won pat C1 Gourmet Challenges!

Double Decker: Salad Lunch - Okinawa, Japan

After ordering our food which was very decently priced (about ¥980 per person) we found that we would be served salad, appetizers and even have access to an all you can drink and eat bar which included a variety of drinks, soup, hot tea and scones. This make a good deal a really great deal in my opinion.

The salad plate that we were served featured three different types of salad all of which were amazing and a croquette which was made with tomato rice inside. The soup was great, so were the drinks that were available and of course there were the scones which were a delicious touch to the meal as well. The scones were given a small oven to warm them up and three different toppings: chocolate, cream cheese or honey.

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your tastebuds then the meals sure will. There were a variety of different meals which we all ordered, each was absolutely amazing. I had ordered the meal that won Double Decker the C1 Challenge last year: Ishigaki Beef Hamburger. “AMAZING!”

Double Decker: Hamburger Steak Lunch - Okinawa, Japan

It is no surprise that this won the C1 Challenge. the food was absolutely delicious with a sauce that was to die for. The side at first seemed disappointing because it was just white rice but to be completely honest I think that if there were to be anything else it would have taken away from the amazing taste of the hamburger which I then mixed with the rice to enjoy ever last bit of sauce.

Double Decker: Lunch Set - Okinawa, Japan

Russell went with an oldie but goodie in his chicken casserole. The combination of flavors on this dish is always absolutely amazing offering a great taste of cheese, cream, chicken, pasta and rice. I did not try the meal this time (although I have had it multiple times before) but it is a great “go to” meal for someone who might not
have anything else appeal to them on the menu.

In our party we also had someone order the omrice and the house special for the day, both of which were absolutely amazing meals that were truly enjoyed by all.

Double Decker: Complimentary Scones - Okinawa, Japan

There really are no downsides to enjoying a lunch at Double Decker. In fact now that I know about the lunch menu offered here I really can’t think of a better place to enjoy lunchtime. There are some things, however, that should be taken into consideration. Double Decker is not a “family style restaurant”, it’s a pub. During the day hours the bar is not open however there are no child seats or child menu options. This is something that I would take into consideration if you are visiting this restaurant. Also the menu during the lunch hours is limited which means that you can only have one of the 6 to 7 options that they have available. This is really not a problem as it is a common way of doing things here in Japan but it is worth noting for those who might not be familiar with this already.

Double Decker: Interior Bar - Okinawa, Japan

If you’re thinking about grabbing some lunch and looking for a quiet place to enjoy it I recommend heading to Double Decker. You’re sure to have a wonderful, unforgettable, and of course delicious time!




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