A Disappointing Dinner At Ashibinaa Outlet Mall

Having dinner at the Ashibinaa Outlet Mall has always been a fun night out for my husband and I. We spend our time window-shopping and strolling through the stores ending off with a nice relaxing dinner at the food court which IMG_4764overlooks part of the outlet mall. It’s a great place to enjoy dinner, especially at night during the holiday season with the lights and people going from store to store buying whatnots for family and friends.

Unlike our previous visits to the outlet mall tonight we were on a bit of a mission(an unsuccessful one I might add but whatever). I have been looking for a cross body bag and I figure I might end up finding what I was looking for here. Heck! I mean we were already heading down this way for another event this evening so it seemed like it might be a fun way to spend the night. After looking around for a while and not finding anything we looked at each other, tummies grumbling, and knew just what we wanted to do next. . . . . dinner at the food court. The food court at Ashibinaa shopping center is absolutely amazing. There are rows of different restaurants where you can choose from a variety of different dishes, ice cream, local favorites and the best part is that you can enjoy it while overlooking the shopping center. This was something that we were excited about especially because the illumination was about to start so it would be a nice treat.

Over to the food court area we went, walked to the top of the stairs and saw. . . . . a children’s clothing store? What? Well whatever right! They must have had added a new shop up here but there were surely still a lot of places to get some food at the other end of the building. As we rounded the corner we couldn’t believe what we saw. There were two. .  COUNT ‘EM. . . ONE . . . TWO. . . places where you could order food. One was crap. . . I mean crepe and the other soup.


The other area where restaurants would have been was now taken up by an empty shop with a “coming soon” sign. Apparently the entire food court is turning into a children’s clothing section. The seating area which at one time used to have hundreds of tables and a counter that ran the length of the building overlooking the shoppers and stores (where we loved to eat) was now taken up by the “Trick Art” exhibit. The remaining area permitted about 15 small tables (I may be over exaggerating there).

Being the picture of optimism that I can sometimes (although admittedly not always) be I figured that it wouldn’t be a IMG_4762bad idea to take a look at the menu for the crepe place and see if there was something we could eat for dinner. After all if it was the only remaining restaurant it must be good right? And we were already here so why not. RIGHT? We took a look at the menu and after a moment we decided that we were going to have the “Taco Rice Roll”. It looked amazing in the picture and you can’t really screw up taco rice (at least not to our knowledge at the time) so how much harm can be done. I grabbed a table while Russ (aka Mr OkiNinjaKitty) waited for the food. Seconds later I get a text “They just put it in the microwave”. I couldn’t help but throw him a confused and probably disturbed look.

When the food was finally done and Russ brought it to the table he immediately said “this isn’t what we were expecting” and again the picture of optimism that I am said “how bad can it be”. Two seconds later as I bit into this crap crepe pocket of nasty I found out. Unlike other crepes that I have had in the past this crepe was incredibly sweet which would have been find had it been filled with bananas or maybe ice cream but this was taco. . . . well it should have been taco but it was actually mainly rice with a teeny tiny bit of taco meat and a teeny tiny bit of lettuce. No tomato. Ehh. . . . .

As most of my readers will probably know I am not one for writing bad reviews. I mean sure I will tell you how it is, I will be straight forward but just coming out and saying that a place was a bad experience and the food was not good takes a little more then some limp lettuce. This, however, was probably the most disappointing meal of the entire year right behind Tonneau (The Barrel Restaurant) which I think is only more disappointing because of the amount of money we paid. Most of all I am very disappointed that the Ashibinaa outlet mall has done away with their great food court. In all my years here and all the times I visited Ashibinaa I have never seen the food court empty. Why they changed it is a mystery to me.


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