Christmas Chicken

Here in Japan the Christmas holiday is celebrated a bit different than it is in the United States. Although there IMG_4804are a lot of the same bells and whistles some of the traditions and meanings of the Christmas holiday are different. One of the traditions that is different is to have Christmas Chicken. Christmas Chicken can be purchased from a number of different places including fast food restaurants, grocery stores and even convenience stores.

Christmas Chicken sets usually come with a variety of chicken pieces, sometimes in large sets like pictured here and even from time to time with a gift like the Christmas plate that comes with the KFC sets this year.

The price of these sets vary from location to location and in most cases need to be pre-ordered to ensure that you and your family can get in on the action.

The tradition of having Christmas Chicken is one that we have adapted since coming to Japan. Each year we have sample a Christmas Chicken set from a different place. In the past we have had A&W, McDonalds, LAWSON and this year we are having KFC. The KFC set is one of the most popular sets that are available, at least to my knowledge. In fact some would even suggest that KFC is the staple for Christmas which is why this year we are giving it a whirl.

Ordering this type of Christmas Chicken set is super easy. In most cases your favorite restaurant will have an order form for Christmas Chicken where you can indicate what you want, pay and arrange a time to pick up your delicious goodness. Doing this at KFC this year was super duper easy!

What we think of the KFC Christmas Chicken set will have to be saved for another post. Frankly we have enjoyed every other set that we have tried and are eager to try this one too.


One thought on “Christmas Chicken

  1. Funny you blogged this! Just the other day we had a hankering for some good fried chicken and a nice, lard-laced biscuit, so we decided to give an Okinawan KFC a try. We went to the one up by Navel Kadena, which, like most, have the Colonel outside dressed in a Santa Suit! However, we were sorely disappointed! The chicken was very soggy – I’m not sure if they even offer extra crispy, and the biscuit…. Well, let’s just say it had a hole in the middle, and was missing the lard. However, we too have adopted the tradition of “Christmas Chicken,” although we are putting our own spin on it by cooking it at home. Thanks for the blog!

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