Kentucky Christmas: Review of Chicken Bucket Holiday Set

Christmas and friend chicken go hand in hand here in Japan. Once the big day rolls around you can’t turn around in a grocery store without seeing either friend or roast chicken. Fast IMG_4886food restaurants also take advantage of the opportunity to sell fried chicken and offer special Christmas sets. These sets of fried chicken have become a Christmas tradition of ours, each year trying something a little different and trying to decide on what we will do when next Christmas rolls around. This year we decided to go for the KFC Christmas Chicken Bucket.

There were two options for the KFC Christmas Chicken Bucket. We ended up getting the 8 pieces of Original Recipe which also included a Christmas Cake (another Japanese tradition for Christmas), salad and a collectible holiday plate. The entire set came to just under $40.00USD.

Because of the high demand of Christmas Chicken here in Japan we had to preorder our bucket which we did a few days in advance. Preordering was super simple. All we had to do was go to the KFC location that we would pick up our order from (ours was in Urasoe), fill out a form (this was in Japanese but you can put 2 and 2 together to place your order or ask staff members), pay and return on your pick up date and time with your slip.



When 330PM (our pickup time) rolled around on Christmas day we headed over to grab out bucket of deliciousness. We received it amazingly fast and without any problem whatsoever. They simply took our receipt, punched a few numbers into the register and handed us our huge bucket.

Here in Japan the whole bucket thing is a bit different than in the US, at least as far as the Christmas bucket is concerned. The entire meal was in one huge bucket which must have been about a foot and a half tall. This bucket was pretty impressive all on it’s own.

Once we started tearing into the bucket we discovered how much food we actually got. In actuality it wasn’t too bad. First and foremost we got a beautiful KFC collectible holiday plate which is nice and came with a special stand so it can be displayed. The next layer in the bucket was the chicken. The chicken was 8 pieces of original recipe which was absolutely delicious. Now I have to admit there have been people in the past (including my husband) who have had some complaints about KFC Chicken. Usually the main complaint is that it is not like KFC in the US and the most recant comment from a fellow blogger here in Okinawa is that he was disappointed with the fact that it wasn’t as crisp as he was expecting. I can definitely see where he is coming from. The chicken was not crispy, maybe there is an extra crispy option but it wasn’t what we got. However, the breading was very flavorful and we (even my husband who was featured in the video called “Japanese KFC Sucks”) absolutely loved it. Whether or not it stacks up to KFC in the US I honestly can’t tell you because I have not eaten that for over a decade.

The next layer was the cake which turned out the be amazingly delicious. This cake was a “Chocolate Nuts Cake” which featured cream, chocolate cream, chocolate cake and walnuts all dusted with a rich cocoa powder. YUM! The cake was not heavy either so it didn’t overpower anything else that was served.

Finally there was the salad. The salad was pretty delicious and fresh. It also included veggies, croutons, bacon bits, dressing and forks. The entire thing was sealed inside the bucket with napkins and instructions for heating the meal.

The best part about this chicken bucket is that even though it had been prepared ahead of time and taken on a 15 minute drive back home it was still warm when we opened the bucket and cracked into the 8 pieces. This was very pleasant because we didn’t have to take time and dishes to reheat something that we had just purchased. Overall I think that KFC may be out “go to” Christmas chicken from now on. I can’t find anything about it that I really didn’t like.


2 thoughts on “Kentucky Christmas: Review of Chicken Bucket Holiday Set

  1. But what about the biscuits?!? They were the biggest letdown for me (and my wife)! I agree the chicken is good and flavorful (and I’m the culprit behind the soggy opinion of the breading, by which I stand), but we still go to Popeye’s on-base, but ONLY for the biscuits!

    • I realize that this is admitting to a punishable offense but we didn’t get any biscuits. I know. . . . I know. . . . but we ordered the bucket and didn’t think about putting in an order for the biscuits. However we will be going back for one of those pot pie things (per the husband’s request) so we will have to give the biscuits a try and I will get back to you.

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