Okinawa Pet Foods: Pet boutique and so much more!

After a more than unpleasant experience at a pet supply store in Urasoe (Read about Coo & Riku by clicking here.)  I thought that it would be a good time to highlight one of my absolute favorite pet supply stores on island.

photo 6

Okinawa Pet Foods (also known as OPF) is in my opinion one of the best pet supply shops here on Okinawa. There are two branches of OPF here on Okinawa that I am aware of, however my branch of choice is in the south central part of Okinawa not far from Camp Foster.

I first discovered OPF years ago when we discovered our dog Bandit has some sensitivity to food. It was either beef or preservatives that were causing him problems and so we were on a hunt for a dog food that was truly lamb and rice and had minimal if any preservatives. After going to all the places you might expect and trying a variety of photo 2different foods which didn’t end in success we took a leap and headed to OPF. Before knowing what OPF stood for we had assumed it was just a pet boutique because of the fancy items that were displayed in the windows but figured that if they had high end jackets and collars they must also have some sort of food. As it turned out we were absolutely right.

What we discovered, and still absolutely love, is that OPF had a wide selection of premium dog foods from all over the world to include Belcando, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan,  Canidae and much more. Unlike standard dog food premium dog food tends to have more pure ingredients with less preservatives making it a perfect find to accommodate the needs of Bandit. They don’t just stop at dry dog food either. They have a selection of premium canned dog food from those same brands and even treats and chews made from more natural ingredients (some even local from time to time).

Food is the main reason that I became a regular customer at OPF but the great products photo 4that they supply does not end there. For those purely fun products OPF has cute hats, clothes and fashion collars for your pets. Those who prefer to pamper their pets can also find a wide range of carriers, strollers, shampoos, body sprays, purses and car decals. Then there are the practical items including dog booties, beds, water bowls, heavy duty leashes (which later came in handy for Smokey), backpacks and other pet supplies useful for everyday life.

Aside from merchandise OPF also has a lot of other offerings to include boarding facility for your pets and a grooming service. Although I have never used OPF’s boarding facility I can discuss the grooming service. At one point we were talking Smokey there regularly to get his nails cut and as difficult a dog as he is the staff was always efficient, friendly and incredibly kind to both us and the dog. Again I have never used the OPF boarding facility but I do have to say that based on the way that they have treated Smokey (and other dogs that I have seen in the windows getting groomed) I cannot imagine that boarding the dogs there would be in any way problematic.

photo 3

OPF is also a place where you can purchase a furry friend to take home with you. Unlike other pet stores on Okinawa the use of space and consideration for animals that OPF has stands out to me in a huge way. OPF has a pretty standard setup for the pets that they have displayed. Along the wall to the left side of the main entrance are window boxes/cages where the puppies are kept. These window boxes/cages are not huge, I would be comfortable describing them as “medium sized” however the dogs in the cage are always miniature in size making the compartment more than adequate. They also provide much more space due to their design which has a floor which allows waste product from the dogs to fall through to a tray on the bottom where it can easily be cleaned and not take up space limiting the puppies to a corner of the compartment. The compartments also often include a toy or some sort and/or a blanket so that the puppies have an element of comfort and can lay down somewhere. In all the times that I have visited the compartments have also always been clean and the pets have always been clean and vibrant. In fact I can’t say that I have ever been there at a time when the staff wasn’t tending to the puppies in some way leading me to believe that they are well taken care of. Although most dogs available at OPF are small in size there are occasionally bigger dogs for sale, or sometimes older dogs for sale. In these cases the dogs are always in a size appropriate cage (plenty of room to stand up, turn around and lay down) or out of the cage altogether and tied up on a leash and walked around the store by the staff.

As for the store’s presentation OPF is always a pleasant place to visit. It is always clean (even with the “pets welcome” policy which sometimes results in “accidents”) and smells nice. Shelves are always organized, compartments with dogs (as I mentioned above) are always cleaned as are the pets (if and when they have them) in large cages and/or hanging out on a leash in the store. The staff is also always friendly, helpful and willing to work with you.

In reality OPF isn’t for everyone. It is a boutique and therefore you’re likely to see some higher prices then you might find at other discount pet supply stores. However the selection of unique, custom, top of the line items is unlike anything you will find anywhere else on Okinawa!


One thought on “Okinawa Pet Foods: Pet boutique and so much more!

  1. We got our $200+ “castillo de gato” from her, and we – and the cat love it! I agree, that as a boutique, they offer great items and great attitudes, even if the store can be massively crowded.

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