Japanese Pastry: It’s cute. . . . I must bite off it’s head!

One doesn’t have to live a lifetime in Japan to notice that “cute” things are everywhere. From manhole covers to business logos and everywhere in-between you can find something cute pretty much everywhere you go.

Today we’re focusing on something cute that everyone can enjoy: pastry.


Pastry shops here in Japan are slightly different from the shops that you might find in the US or other parts of the world. They usually have a heavy focus on bread type pastries which are sweet but nothing compared to the bear claws, lemon squares and turnovers that you would find in an American pastry shop. I could go on about what you might find at a Japanese pastry shop but we’ll save that for another day.

Aside from the breads, buns and doughnuts that you are likely to find at the Japanese pastry shop you’re also likely to find something that resembles (you’ve guessed it) a cute animal, creature or in the case of Christmas and the holidays a cute fictional character (like Frosty the Snow Man).


These super cute pastries come in many shapes and sizes like the whale shark above (my favorite one I have had to date), bears, turtles, dogs, cats, and many more shapes. They are not hard to find either. You can usually find something cute at a bakery near you, especially at department stores or larger bakeries, priced at around ¥100 or ¥200 which is about the standard price for a pastry (even when it’s not cute).





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