Coffee Time: Convenient Cafe in Ginowan Convention City

We ended a long morning of window shopping just in time to enjoy lunch at San A IMG_0012Ginowan Convention City. After paroozing some of the options we decided that we would try a place that we had never noticed before called Coffee Time. 

What drew us to Coffee Time was the sandwiches. They had a display of some beautiful looking sandwiches outside and since we were looking for a light lunch with a side of fries, perfect for a light lunch.

Coffee Time was not crowded. Even at lunch time we were encouraged to seat ourselves. Service was speedy and the staff was friendly. The menu at Coffee Time is extensive and offers a variety of foods from pasta to sandwiches all the way to waffles. In fact they even have a waffle sandwich which at this point I think I might have to go back and give a try.

NOTE: The menu is not in English however it does offer a variety of pictures making it easy to order even if you’re not confident in your Japanese reading ability. 


Prices at Coffee Time were definitely reasonable. The two of us ordered sandwiches and we shared a snack basket which included various fries and onion rings and left with a bill of about ¥1400. Portions were what I would call medium/large which provided a decent sized meal.

I am happy to say that Coffee Time was an enjoyable place to enjoy lunch and I would be happy to visit again.



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