J!NS: Quality glasses at an unbeatable price

Being on a tight budget my husband was not to thrilled about the idea of getting new glasses. Yes he totally needed them but his mentality is that he could make the ones he had stretch as absolutely far as possible. Then one day he finally broke and IMG_4937gave me the go ahead to get him a brand new pair of glasses for Christmas. Naturally he would want to pick out his own glasses but I knew that I could at least do some leg work in finding a place to look which is when I stumbled upon J!NS.

J!NS is a chain which has location all over the country including at Ginowan San A Convention City. Unlike other eyeglass locations on island J!NS boasts over 1000 varieties of quality glasses at a comfortably low price. J!NS also makes use of special lenses which do not cause distortion giving the wearer a more natural viewing experience.

Taking a look around for the first time it became that finding the perfect set of glasses was going to be a challenge. This was because of the sheer number of frames, styles, patterns and shapes available. There are literally so many options that it can even be hard to decide where to begin. From sophisticated to stylish, sporty to functional there were literally over a thousand options all of which had it’s own key components of comfort, style, fit and function.

IMG_4936After finding something that my husband was happy with we took a look at the price tag which read ¥4990. Not bad! Even better is that this included the price of regular prescription lenses and a case. He also wanted to give transition lenses a try which would and a whole ¥3500 to the price tag. With all decisions made we headed up to the counter to complete the process. For good measure my husband got his eyes checked, free of charge, and a new prescription written up. Everything was brought to the counter, paid for and we were told to come back in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes later we picked up the finished glasses and were on our way.

If I were to describe our experience here at J!NS I would have to use the world simple.  The staff were friendly, the process was easy and of course the prices and selection were absolutely great. The service was also very speedy. There is no “come back tomorrow” or “go to a doctor and come back with your prescription”. It’s all done right here start to finish in about 40 minutes and that’s including the time it takes to make your glasses. It is important to note that J!NS does not offer English language support. You will have to have some level of Japanese language skill to complete this process start to finish. The only exception to this is if you already have a prescription and are just looking for frames without the need to get an eye test.

We absolutely loved out experience at J!NS and are sure to return the next time we need glasses!


2 thoughts on “J!NS: Quality glasses at an unbeatable price

  1. Did you happen to notice if they had children’s glasses? My 5 yr old will probably need an RX change at her next appointment here in the states and I am not sure if we will be able to get the new glasses before we leave for Oki.

    • Hello Andrea:
      Yes they do also have children’s glasses. The selection is not as wide as their standard selection, naturally, but you can surely find something you’re looking for.

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