McDonald’s AMERICAN VINTAGE Burgers and Fries

I have to be honest I was pretty excited when I heard about the McDonald’s AMERICAN VINTAGE event/campaign that was going to take place here in Japan. I have enjoyed some of the other burgers that Mickey D’s has come out with recently so I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to put out this time. So over to McDonalds we went.

Immediately we were surprised to see the amount of decoration and theming that was put into the event. The entire restaurant had various signs and even displays which were reminiscent of “American Vintage” or in other words the 50’s time frame. Even some of the music playing was what some might describe as “vintage”. The trash can was made to look like a jukebox, the counter was outfitted with checkerboard and of course the burgers and fries came in vintage looking containers.

As for the food it was pretty good. I had the chicken and loved it. My husband, Russ, on the other hand had the burger and thought that it was ok but nothing memorable. The fries were good, at least in my opinion. There were some people out there who have given them a bad review but I think that for a fast food place they were decent. The cheese was not hot nacho cheese sauce but a room temperature sauce which was not the best but still pretty good.

Although the burgers were not hugely special and the fries were not what you might get from an actual sit down restaurant I have to say it was not bad. The food was tasty although not so memorable that I think we’ll be talking about it for years to come. I do think, however that where the burgers lacked in specialized taste the store’s decor and environment made up in the awesome vintage feel.


One thought on “McDonald’s AMERICAN VINTAGE Burgers and Fries

  1. We will have to go!!

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