Nakagusuku Cosmos Field

Nakagusuku Cosmos Field: White Cosmos - Okinawa, japan

After visiting the Himawari Matsuri in Kitanakagusuku Village we decided to take a trip to a nearby field known for the cosmos which bloom there. The field, which is right off Route 35, was the site of a landslide some years back and had become a place to not only enjoy the beautiful ocean view but also the purple fields of cosmos.

Once we found the location of the fields we parked in one of the designated parking areas. There is one which seems to be in the works immediately next to the field and another which is up the road from the field (maybe a 3 to 5 minute walk).

Nakagusuku Cosmo Field: Flowers - Okinawa, Japan

Enjoying the field of flowers is absolutely free, as is the spectacular view of the ocean. It is important to note, however, that this is nottourist attraction or festival. You will not find food booths and no restrooms. There is also no schedule of when the flowers will bloom or how many there will be. That being said what flowers may be bloomed, where they are or how many may change from year to year.



2 thoughts on “Nakagusuku Cosmos Field

  1. Serenely beautiful….

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