Burger King Japan: BK Ringo and NY Whopper



I have learned very many things since coming to Japan, one of them is that Japanese companies (or Japanese branches of companies) take competition very seriously. Whether it’s Lawson and Family Mart, Starbucks and Tully’s, or Burger King and McDonalds everyone is trying to out-do the competitor and bring in the customers. This makes it incredibly hard for consumers, like myself, to pass up on some of the interesting and intreating offerings being served up.

In what seems to be an answer to the McDonald’s American Vintage campaign Burger King has released their American flag wavin’ version of a burger in the NY Whopper and the BK Ringo. As if that wasn’t enough Burger King also flips McDonalds the bird with their own version of BK Cheesy Fries. . . . . yep they went there.



Being that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to give readers a side by side comparison of McDonald’s “Classic” Fries and the BK Cheesy Fries we went ahead and substituted our regular fries for the calorie packed artery clogging goodness. Despite the nature of both fries being the same they came with some drastic differences. These fries came with melted cheese and a meat sauce, like pasta sauce, on top. Although BK hit the nail on the head with the fact that the cheese was hot they didn’t quite hit the mark. The cheese wasn’t quite cheesy and the meat/pasta sauce was good but couldn’t come close to the deliciousness of McDonald’s “Classic” Fries (room temperature cheese and all).



Despite the slightly (and I do mean slightly) disappointing fries Burger King really made me say “God Bless the USA” with their BK Ringo. The burger included a patty with lettuce and a grilled apply slice (ringo in Japanese) sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon. Although it might sound strange apples and hamburgers were meant to be together. I have been putting crushed apples in my homemade patties for years but I never thought about simply putting a grilled slice right on top. The apple adds an amazing texture and compliments the beef perfectly.

Although there is no denying that these burgers aren’t close to gourmet they are tasty in a pinch or when let’s say. . . your husband is in the mood for a fast food burger. As tasty as they might be they aren’t something that I would run out to get again although I can’t wait to make some burgers of my own with a nice juicy slice of fresh apple on top!




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