Jiro’s Bakery: Kiyuna’s Hidden Gem

Who doesn’t like coffee and doughnuts? Unfortunately getting really good doughnuts in Okinawa can be tough. Luckily you’ve got the scoop because you follow OkiNinjaKitty in one way or another!

Hiding in plane site is a great little bakery in Kiyuna on route 81 called Jiro’s Bakery. The bakery sits amongst some other businesses to include Lawson and another shop which used to be Mitz hair salon (what is coming next is to be determined). The bakery is not very big, in fact it’s only one small space with enough room for a single file line to snake through the delicious treats but they offer up some amazing baked goods.



The second you step into Jiro’s you’re going to be hit with the wonderful smell of fresh baked pastry and bread. It’s not something you get too often here in Japan but when you experience it you know you’ve found something amazing! One of the delicious offerings available at Jiro’s is their doughnuts. They have a large variety (although the good ones go fast so be sure to get there early) for reasonable prices. They even have a special where you can get 12 doughnuts for ¥1200.



Aside from doughnuts Jiro’s also makes some of my husband’s favorite sandwiches. They also have fresh breads, cookies, doughnuts, cakes and so much more! The prices are reasonable too! Next time you’re in Kiyuna be sure to check it out. Please consider that this establishment take yen cash only. 



7 thoughts on “Jiro’s Bakery: Kiyuna’s Hidden Gem

  1. Reblogged this on Subete Okinawa and commented:
    I like discovering new bakeries in Okinawa even if I already have my own favorites. I’m not even sure how to get to this area but I’d like to try it soon sometime.

  2. how long has Jiro’s Bakery been in business? I lived in Kiyuna in 1963 and there was a great bakery down the hill from our house, on the main road.

  3. Jiro’s Bakery was a major attraction for a long time. I loved going there back in the 1970’s. It occupied a huge building on Diego Dori with a restaurant, department store and bowling alley. Jiro and Toshiko Teruya were the owners of it all. Mrs. Teruya and family still operate the bakery on a smaller basis, since Jiro has passed away. They have converted their huge building to other enterprises. Jiro’s Bakery even was a stop for the military bus service back in the day. They sold hundreds of cakes on holidays to Americans and Okinawans. The family is the reason the street is called Diego Dori. Jiro and his wife had many beautiful Diego trees planted along the street decades ago. Now after many years of development, most of the trees are no longer there, but it still is called Diego Dori, I believe.

  4. Hi Sonia, Thanks so much, arigato, for posting this- I grew up on Okinawa from 1960 to 1973,lived near Jiro Pan & Frank’s Toystore, & really enjoyed both places!! . .

  5. I’m sorry, I thought this was posted by Sonia, but hadn’t looked closely at the site – OkiNinjaKitty, thank for being the actual “poster”, but great comments & history, Sonia!! . .

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