Jetta Burger

Jetta Burger first came on my radar when I tried their amazing soft shell crab tacos at the C1 Gourmet Challenge back in November. Although we could not stop talking about how great they were we never had the chance to head over to the restaurant and test out other menu items because we honestly don’t eat out that much and Depot Island isn’t really one of the spots we frequent. Then today after realizing our favorite restaurant for special occasions, Double Decker, was closed we came up with the idea of giving Jetta Burger a try.

Jetta Burger: Exterior - Okinawa, Japan

To be completely honest we had a little bit of trouble finding Jetta Burger. We knew that it was in Depot Island but weren’t quite sure where. The labyrinth of colorful corridors with countless boutiques and shops honestly didn’t make our search any easier until we finally decided to go up the spiral staircase which popped out right at the entrance. 

We were immediately greeted by the staff, a young and fashionable guy with a great English vocabulary, and asked to seat ourselves. Once inside we dove right into the extensive menu which featured everything from burgers to tacos to burritos and more. The countless delicious options made ordering incredibly challenging. If money (and calories) were no option I would have gladly tried everything on the menu because it sounded and looked so good. Finally we made out decisions.

Jetta Burger: Teriyaki & Egg Burger Set - Okinawa, Japan

Rusty had the Texas Burger which was a combination of a 100% beef patty, egg, bacon and cheese with fresh lettuce on a soft bun. The combination was “phenomenal” according to Rusty who couldn’t put it down.

On the other hand I went for something more creative, the house special which included a 100% beef patty, avocado, crisp lettuce, chocolate sauce and peanuts. Yes you heard me right “chocolate sauce and peanuts”. 

Jetta Burger: Specialty Chocolate & Peanuts Burger - Okinawa, Japan

Despite how strange the combination of chocolate, peanuts and hamburger sounds together I have to admit it was quite amazing. The sweet rich chocolate sauce with the roasted peanuts made a great compliment to the rest of the burger. The flavors weren’t overbearing either. It wasn’t as though each bite was as though you had plopped a chocolate bar down on your burger.

Jetta Burger: Nachos - Okinawa, Japan

As a side we also ordered some nachos (I’m a sucker for nachos) which were what I would describe as “loaded”. They were absolutely amazing and made with the most crisp chips I have ever had. They were so crisp that even under all the toppings only 1 of them was slightly soggy. . . . now that’s what I call a good chip!

The prices at Jetta Burger are competitive coming in lower than some of the other burger joints on the island. A basic burger came in around ¥700 to ¥800 with the addition of fries and a drink being around ¥250. The sides on the other hand, like the nachos (¥800), did get a little pricy but were offset by the lower cost of the burgers.

Overall this was a great place and I will definitely be going back. The prices weren’t bad, the people were great and the atmosphere kept our eyes wondering throughout the meal!



2 thoughts on “Jetta Burger

  1. That’s for reviewing this place! I had heard it was decent but never really made it over there to try it out. I think we’ll have to add it to our weekend plans now.

    • You are most definitely welcome! I honestly don’t make my way out to American Village/Mihama very often but when our original plans fell through we ended up here. It is definitely a place I will be revisiting!

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