OFF ISLAND TRAVEL: Keisei Skyliner

One popular mode of transportation from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo is the Keisei Skyliner. This electric railway boasts the “quickest travel time to downtown Tokyo” reaching speeds of 160km/h which is the fastest high speed train in Japan (excluding the Shinkansen) and traveling from Narita to Ueno in just 41 minutes. The train operates between Narita Airport and Ueno making a stop in Nippori as well.

Keisei Skyliner: To The Platform - Tokyo, Japan

There are so many great things about the Keisei Skyliner that it’s almost hard to decide where to start. I suppose accessibility is a good place. The Keisei Skyliner is a train accessible in both terminals of the Narita Airport. Tickets can be purchased at ticket counters in each terminal. From my experience purchasing tickets for the Keisei Skyliner via the ticket booths at Narita Airport is very simple. Staff are very friendly and have English capabilities to assist even non-Japanese speakers. Once tickets have been purchased simply follow the signs to the train level where you can access the platform. On the platform you can find your designated car (this will clearly be listed on your ticket) and wait at the corresponding spot (which will be clearly marked, usually on the floor).

Aside from accessibility there are a lot of great features that the Keisei Skyliner offers. First and foremost there are reserved seats guaranteeing that every passenger has somewhere to sit. This is useful in ensuring you do not end up standing for the duration of the trip. There are also dedicated spaces for luggage on each car! Each train also has a bathroom and “refreshment station” where you can purchase drinks and snacks for your journey.

Not only is the Keisei Skyliner useful in getting from the airport to your destination, it is also useful on the way home! Tickets can be purchase at either Ueno or Nippori station for the Keisei Skyliner on a trip back to Narita Airport Terminal 1 or 2.

Have you ever taken the Keisei Skyliner? Let me know about it in the comments below!


One thought on “OFF ISLAND TRAVEL: Keisei Skyliner

  1. A great tip for anyone heading to Tokyo.

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