Ikspiari: A shopping paradise in Urayasu

Ikspiari Shopping Center: Courtyard - Urayasu, Japan

Vacations are never 100% predictable. Take my last trip to  Honshu for example. Mother Nature decided to dump a few inches of snow on Tokyo and the surrounding area ultimately suspending operation of the Keiyo Line (in other words stranding me at Maihama station). Luckily I had a plan. Rather than doing some shopping around the  Yamanote Line, which I could not get to, I decided to spend the day enjoying Ikspiari.

Ikspiari Shopping Center: T.G.I.Friday's - Urayasu, Japan

Ikspiari is a massive shopping center located in the Tokyo Disney Resort just off Maihama Station (about a 3 minute walk). Throughout it’s 4 floors are boutiques, restaurants, shops and cafes with a little something for everyone with every budget.

Like other shopping centers in Japan there is a wide array of shops featuring everything from popular Japanese teen fashions to hand crafted leather handbags. There are also some familiar favorites for ex-pats like myself to include Lush, The Body Shop, Aqua Silver, Gap, Diesel, Tommy, The Disney Store and Coach. Paroozing these shops can take up the most part (if not all) of your day making it a great activity for a rainy or otherwise in climate day.

Ikspiari Shopping Center: Interior White - Urayasu, Japan

If all that shopping has you working up an appetite you’re in luck. There are handfuls of restaurants located in Ikspiari. From traditional pizza to T.G.I.Friday’s you can, again, find something for everyone with every budget. Grab a quick bite at the food court, take something from the grocery store back to your hotel or sit down for a table service meal!

Ikspiari Shopping Center: Interior - Urayasu, Japan

Aside from shopping and food Ikspiari also has live entertainment in the courtyard (this includes anything from cirque like performances to live bands) and even a movie theater! Show types and times vary so be sure to check the website or posted schedules for more information.

Regardless whether or not you are staying at the Tokyo Disney Resort spending the day at Ikspiari is a great way to shop, eat or even just stay out of the rain!


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