Autobacs: Because cars need love too!

AutoBacs: Exterior - Okinawa, Japan

Cars are people too. . . . . . ok maybe cars aren’t people but they sure need some love once in a while! In all seriousness though regular maintenance and upkeep on your vehicle is vital in keeping you, your family and others on the road around you safe. When it comes to upkeep and routine maintenance one of the places I like to go for my supplies and other needs is Autobacs.

Autobacs is Japan’s auto supply chain similar to AutoZone in the US. They have a variety of automotive items to do anything from upkeep your vehicle to customize it. Aside from supplies Autobacs also offers automotive services from maintenance to installations of electronic equipment.

AutoBacs: Interior "Men's" Car Accessories - Okinawa, Japan

Truth be told the prices at Autobacs are not what I would describe as “competitive”. However, where they usually win me over is with the selection and availability of what I am looking for. There is nothing worse than realizing you need new wiper blades in the  middle of rainy season and finding that the size you need is sold out. I never have that problem with Autobacs. If the situation does present itself, however, they are also great at ordering whatever it is that you need.

Having frequented Autobacs multiple times during my years in Japan I can say that it is definitely one of my go-to places for basic car needs. Although the prices might not always be the absolute best it’s pretty uncommon to walk in here needing something and not walk out with it.

**Special Note For Car Enthusiasts**

Autobacs is mostly geared towards basic car supplies, however, from time to time there is also a limited selection of high performance parts available to include strut bars, coil overs, boost gauges and other aftermarket products. (There are also sometimes bucket seats and quick release steering wheels.) Although these products are sometimes available this is not a place I would go to seek out these items specifically. For more on high performance vehicles and where to get aftermarket parts please stay tuned for future posts.




3 thoughts on “Autobacs: Because cars need love too!

  1. I can never understand why the parking lot is totally full on the weekends… what is it with that place??

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