Okinawa FamilyMart Brings Mickey Mouse to a Convenience Store Near You

Mickey Mouse FamilyMart Selection: Exterior Display - Okinawa, japan

There are many things at which the Japanese excel one of which being marketing. There are few stores at this country that don’t have at least one lovable character plastered on the package of your favorite ice cream, bananas or even rice. Sometimes it’s a generic character and other times it is a familiar friend like Mickey and Minnie.

The most recent implementation of this genius technique is at FamilyMart where the shelves are now offering special Mickey and Minnie branded products to include onigiri, salads and other fresh veggies.


Mickey Mouse FamilyMart Selection: Mini Tomatoes - Okinawa, Japan


Despite having the familiar Disney brand the items are priced just as they would be without the branding. An onigiri comes in at ¥105 and a rather large pack of cherry tomatoes in just under ¥400 (the average price for mini tomatoes in Okinawa).

Mickey Mouse FamilyMart Selection: Rice Ball - Okinawa, Japan

What I think is pretty fantastic about this selection is that all of the foods offered are healthy options including fresh vegetables, something not often associated with characters beloved by children. The affordable prices also make this a great way to encourage the kids into eating something healthy snacks as well. The downside is that as far as I can tell the campaign is only available in Okinawa and it’s only for a limited time.



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