Bistro De Mattaka

Finding a good restaurant for a date night can sometimes be a challenge in the south central part of
Okinawa. Between the large chain restaurants which are hustling and bustling with tourists and the smaller family friendly restaurants which don’t necessarily scream “romance” it can sometimes feel a bit hopeless. Luckily we stumbled upon a brand new restaurant (opened in March 2014) that is the perfect setting for a quiet romantic night.

Bistro De Mattaka: Exterior - Okinawa, Japan

The restaurant is called Bistro De Mattaka and is located on Route 58 in Ginowan. The small and easy to miss restaurant not only offers a fantastic atmosphere but also offers incredibly delicious cuisine at a surprisingly affordable price.

One of the first things that you will notice about Bistro De Mattaka is the elegant and simple decor. Creamy walls with dark wood floors and bar accented with bright white chairs give the space a warm and yet chic feel. Along one side of the building are windows adorned with postcards depicting beautiful images of France all the while French music is being played lightly in the background pulling the theme together.

Bistro De Mattaka: Bar Seating - Okinawa, Japan

Despite the French theme of Bistro De Mattaka the cuisine was not so focused. There were pasta dishes, various types of meat offered and even some favorites commonly found here in Okinawa. Although the cuisine was not what we had originally anticipated it was quite a pleasant surprise to see so much variety on the menu. Aside from food Bistro De Mattaka also offers a wide array of drinks (including alcoholic beverages) and has an impressive wine list.

Once you’ve taken the time and consideration to read through the menu, which features both Japanese and English, it’s time for the staff to take your order. As you might expect from any other restaurant in Okinawa the staff of Bistro Be Mattaka are inviting, charming and kind. They were even so kind to have the chef talk to us directly about the “chef’s choice” fish dish that we intended to order.

Bistro De Mattaka: Rear Seating - Okinawa, Japan

Bistro De Mattaka: Chef's Fish Of The Day - Okinawa, Japan

Bistro De Mattaka: Cheese Plate - Okinawa, Japan

Bistro De Mattaka: Lobster Dish - Okinawa, Japan

As good as the food looks at Bistro De Mattaka it tastes even better! Each and every bite was bursting with a delicious combination of flavors and spices all the while playing off the taste of the main ingredient not masking it. The flavors were also unique to anything that I have ever had in Okinawa before having no Japanese spin on any of the dishes that we tried. This was very refreshing.

Bistro De Mattaka is one of those places that I could continue on and on about. Between the feel which echoed sitting in a French roadside cafe and the food which leaves you wanting more the best way to experience this place is by enjoying lunch or dinner there yourself!


Bistro De Mattaka is not a family friendly restaurant. This is one of those places you should book a babysitter for. Also please consider that Bistro De Mattaka takes Yen cash only at this time.


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