Pasta-sicle. . . . . Because that sounds delicious!?



Here’s the thing. . . . . . I think I’m a relatively adventurous person. There are very few things that I won’t take a nibble of, take a picture of myself eating, write about and then post on the internet. After all I am a YouTuber and a blogger. It’s what I do. But Japan being what it is there are always times when you find something and think to yourself “should I put myself through the misery of actually trying this just for a couple hundred views”? In most cases my answer is “hell yeah” but today I decided to simply pass.



I present to you the Pasta-sicle. This tasty treat was greater by the Garigari-kun line of popsicles which are popular here in Japan. They are known for having delicious flavors like ramune (a type of Japanese soda) and last year’s corn chowder flavor. This year, however, they kicked things up a notch with the exciting and intriguing flavor of Napolitan. For those who might be unfamiliar Napolitan is a popular pasta dish here in Japan. Consisting of ketchup, onions and green peppers it’s far from “authentic” but somehow works. . . . . at least in pasta form. Whether all those flavors would be particularly delicious all wrapped up into a popsicle is a completely different story.

As if that doesn’t sound appetizing enough this stomach turning concoction also includes a special treat! Inside are bits of tomato gelatin. Oh yeah.

Sadly for the viewers and readers out there who would have loved to find out what this tastes like at my expense I decided to give the new cookies and cream Coolish a try and leave this pasta-sicle in the freezer. Maybe next time? Until then I encourage you to get out there and give this a try. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought in the comments below.


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