Emergency Room For Pets (Animal Hospital 22)


When life happens it’s always unexpected and almost never within normal business hours. That being the case it’s important, at least in my opinion, to have a plan for when the unexpected happens. This is how I stumbled upon Animal Hospital 22, a veterinarian which offers emergency services.

Until today I didn’t have much to say about Animal Hospital 22. I had not taken the dogs there before because we had been using another vet. Early this morning, however when our youngest best friend woke up having what seemed like a seizure we decided that a trip to the puppy emergency room might be necessary. Immediately I knew who to call and dialed the number. It became clear that Animal Hospital 22 was foreigner friendly with prompts in both Japanese and English on their phone line. After getting the after hours emergency number we called and were greeted by a female English speaking staff member. She took all of the important information about the situation and directed us to come in.

Finding the location of Animal Hospital 22 was very easy. It is located down 81 and off 329 on the left before the A&W (map and directions are available at the link in the beginning of this post). The facility was also easy to find due to it’s size and the sign that clearly said Animal Hospital 22 on it. We went inside and were immediately taken into the exam room. The doctor, a nurse and translator were all there to assist in explaining what had happened. Once the basic exam had been completed the explained our options which would include a blood test. Blood was drawn and tested on the spot. It took us only about 15 minutes of waiting for the results. When the results came back the staff explained every detail (in Japanese and then translated into English) and answered every question that we had. We were given a prescription and moments later were cashed out and ready to head back home.

The experience was. . . well I don’t want to say pleasant because going to the ER with your seizing dog is much less than pleasant . . . let’s just say it didn’t suck as much as it could have. The thing that stood out to me was how well everything was explained. The doctor could have simply said “there is nothing that showed up on the blood work” but rather went into details about what each result meant. The doctor and translator also were happy to answer any and all questions that we had about the situation without making us feel rushed or like we were inconveniencing them in any way. Even though we had been there at 430AM it might as well have been noon with the kindness and understanding that the staff offered.

Animal Hospital 22 is open 365 day a year from 9AM to 12Noon and 4PM to 10PM every day. The business hours are the best that I have ever seen at a vet’s office. Translators are available to ensure that you can communicate your problems to the doctor effectively. Paperwork is also in Japanese and English. There is also pet boarding available as are special events throughout the year for pet lovers and their pets.

For more information please don’t hesitate to click the link above. Also please feel free to post your experiences in the comments below.

Note: For those of you who may be wondering our boy Smokey who was in need of the emergency room visit is doing just fine although he did give us quite a scare.