Lipton Japan: This ain’t your grandma’s tea!

This Ain't Your Grandma's Tea: Peach Tea

Tea is to Japan what apple pie is to the United States. There are few places around the country where you won’t find tea and even fewer people who don’t consume it at least twice a day. However, the tea here in Japan is not often like the tea that Americans, like myself, are familiar with. They tend to not be as sweet and lack the elaborate flavorings that you might find from a company like Arizona or Sobe. Of course there are always companies trying to boost sales with new and interesting teas that stand out about the rest. This is where Lipton Japan comes into the picture.

This Ain't Your Grandma's Tea: Shikwasa

Lipton, a tea company that most Americans are probably familiar with, has a decent size presence here in Japan despite focusing only on tea (unlike Coke, Kirin and other brands which also have juices, alcoholic beverages and more). They sell a variety of tea offerings here in Japan including three main types of containers to include cans, PET (plastic) bottles and cartons.

This Ain't Your Grandma's Tea: Orange Marmalade

In my household the favorite type of Lipton tea are the ones that come in a carton. They can be purchased for around ¥100 at local grocery or convenience stores and come in a variety of flavors. Like other companies in Japan it is not uncommon to find Lipton playing with different flavors and themes to include the most recent which is known as “Tea’s Travel” where they sample flavors from around the world.

This Ain't Your Grandma's Tea: American Tea Lemonade

This creative theme took consumers on a journey through places like Turkey with their “Turkey Apricot Tea” and London with their “Orange Marmalade Tea”. They even went to the good ole’ USA with “American Tea Lemonade”. Each tea is unique and features a distinct taste that is different from the next. Unfortunately all are only available for a limited time.

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Sweets Paradise (Tokyo): A buffet made up of only cake!

Sweets Paradise: Exterior Shot - Tokyo, Japan

There are a ton of fun and interesting restaurants in mainland Japan that we do not have here in Okinawa. One that has caught my eye for years is Sweets Paradise. Sweets Paradise is a buffet style cafe with a bit of a twist. Rather than a typical buffet where there are assortments of main dishes and only a taste of sweets for the end of the mean Sweets Paradise quite literally flips that concept offering an assortment of sweets and only a few main dishes.

Sweets Paradise: Buffet Selection - Tokyo Japan

Like other all you can eat restaurants in Japan, Sweets Paradise offers up unlimited sweets for a flat rate (¥1650) over a span of 90 minutes (which turns out is quite a while if you’re scarfing down cake). During that time you can fill your plate with a variety of cakes, popcorn, chocolate fountain, ice cream with a variety of toppings and of course you can also enjoy a house pasta and curry. Also available was a drink bar with a variety of different soft drinks and teas. There was also a fresh tea bar where you could choose from a wide variety of teas which could be brewed fresh for your enjoyment.

Although the idea of eating nothing but cake for dinner can be stomachache provoking I was actually pleased to find that most of the cakes were very light. This made it possible to sample many different cakes with ease. (In other words it was very possible to get your money’s worth without feeling as though one piece of cake would make you feel too sick to continue eating). There were quite a few to sample as well. From cakes made with cream and fruit to cakes made in typical Japanese fashion the buffet had anything you could think of!

Sweets Paradise: My Plate - Tokyo, Japan

Overall the restaurant was quite enjoyable. The food was great quality and very worth the price of admission. There was also more than enough time to enjoy as much cake as you could while also talking over a pot of freshly brewed tea and maybe having a bit of pasta as well. The atmosphere of the restaurant was wonderful too. Bright colors and unique architecture and light fixtures made this not only a fun place to eat some cake but a great place to experience dinner.

This Sweets Paradise location was in Ikspiari (Tokyo Disney Resort) a short walk from Maihama Station in Urayasu, Chiba. However, there are Sweets Paradise locations throughout Japan (except Okinawa). Please visit their website for more information so that you don’t miss out on this fun experience next time you’re in mainland!  CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE